Arch Linux install script DIY

Posted: December 22, 2021

Arch Linux install script inst_en.txt DIY, do partition disk, format the partitions and mount the file systems yourself. Only a little change to edit script for your need . Browse inst_en.txt, Arch Linux installation guide before running inst_en.txt script (sh inst_en.txt). There are maybe some important difference.

Download inst_en.txt from web browser or use linux command

Edit inst_en.txt with nano or vim or l3afpad or Geany or Notepad++(Wndows OS). Save inst_en.txt to HDD or USB stick, then mount, no need to download again.

While running inst_en.txt script, verify the boot mode(UEFI or BIOS) and connection first, can choose exit to install .

Suggest to edit lines of inst_en.txt:


Edit completed, run script.